a design company


Aspiring to transform the everyday moment into a lasting memory: one design, one photograph and one creative endeavor at a time.



hi, i’m emily


I’m an engineer by trade but my passion is to create: the perfect wedding invitation suite for your special day, or a photo that captures a special moment between you and your loved ones, or a design plan for modeling equipment movement in and out of a underground lab in an old historic gold mine (yas to my day job). To me, these all connect to my drive to produce something from nothing, which is why I established this company – to allow me to pursue all things creative.

“Working with Emily in any capacity has always been a pleasure, but I was especially impressed when she did a photo shoot for me involving some of my pottery. Her demeanor is, of course, kind and caring, but her professionalism, timeliness, and overall quality of work was astounding. I was looking for someone who could both photograph my work while simultaneously somehow capture the spirit of ‘me,’ and I was not disappointed. I feel that the photos I received were a true expression of my art and therefore myself, and for that I am beyond grateful and cannot wait to hire her again.”

– jessica snell, 307 mud & stone

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