Holy smokes.  I feel like these past few months have been a blur! All the stress of planning a wedding, then having a wedding, then realizing that wedding happened so dang fast, then honeymooning straight into hunting season (dear lawd I’m a hunter’s wife!) and coming home to months of planning thrown all over my house! Like, can I have a reset week please!

However, in the midst of trying to get my life back in order I took a lovely day trip over to Buffalo, Wyoming for a Little (their last name is Little, pun intended) wedding and I got to spend all day with my dear friend Riley.  You may have seen her around a time or two.

There was a few hours between the wedding and the reception so Riley and I went touristing – we went to the Historic Occidental Saloon and Hotel, we did some window shopping, and we grabbed a root beer on tap from the MISHAP! Brewing Company.  It was a gorgeous fall day in Buffalo and I was in the best of company and per usual I made Riley take 1 million photos – it was a perfect day.

Kelly and Sheridan’s wedding reception was at the Ranch at UCross and holy smokes was it stunning.  The sun was setting and there were horses and trees and lovely gorgeous-ness all around.  It was the perfect escape from all the go-go-go in my life right now and Riley, as always, is my forever muse.