It’s been a  l o n g  time since I was in Casper.  And I’ve missed it.

Maybe not the wind, or the oil field, or even The Beacon. But all the wonderful people I’ve met there and get to call my friends.  Miss that for sure.

For Thanksgiving, Levi and I and the girls jumped in the pickup and headed down to Wyoming for a few days. Normally, I would take a TON of photos.  However, I’ve been real inspired by a photographer and filmmaker in London who makes #minimondaymovies from weekend scenes and I love it.  (Check her out sometime, I mean, maybe watch my vid first ha! Xanthe Berkeley)

Tiny little moments, documented forever in little films. UGH.  It’s everything.

But let me rewind for one minute because this video is not a little film.  It’s like 5 min – but it’s filled with so many small and special moments.

You know those weekends where you felt like you go nonstop and you have so much fun but you can’t actually describe what you did? That’s what I would say about this weekend – we ate a lot, we drank, we went on a walk one time…

But to see all the little moments, all the laughter, all the friendship and love – that sure makes the idea of weekend scenes so special to me.

Of course, I still took a few photos, but I love having this little film and I can’t wait to have more weekend scenes to share in the future!

If you watched through to the end (I know, 5 minutes was excessive), let me know what you thought about it in the comments below!