south dakota sunflower fields: how to take your own brand photos

October 18, 2018

As a small business owner who meets most of my clients online, it’s important to always have new photos to share.  It helps that photography is a passion of mine.  With that said, my eyes and brain are always thinking in terms of the shot.  (Sometimes, I have to purposely leave my camera at home so I will enjoy the moment instead of thinking about when and where the best lighting is.)

So when sunflower season came around, I went on a little hunt to find the field near me.

With my tripod and remote in hand (and my new jumper from S&Co) I snapped some content for myself.  It’s awkward getting in front of the camera sometimes, but it’s so crucial when running a business that people see this face of mine as a reminder that behind the designs and the strategy and podcast, there’s a person with a passion.

I loved this field so much I also grabbed some headshots for my kickass friend, Jessica Noteboom, and some couple photos of my neighbors.

How to Take Photos without a photographer

In case you’re interested in how I essentially take photos of myself, check out my “adventuring” highlight on my instagram to find out more!  Below is a list of all the equipment I use to make these type of shoots happen!

  • Canon 6D: I’ve upgraded to a 5D Mark IV but the 6D is such a great camera to start with.
  • Tameron 24-70mm 2.8 lens
  • Canon 50mm: this is my pride and joy of a lens. It’s spendy but it’s my most used lens.  Even looking at the below photos I can instantly tell you which ones came from my 50mm versus my 24-70mm.
  • Tripod: I have plenty of cheap tripods, but nothing compares to a good high-quality one.  And if you make a habit of using one, eventually it’s worth it to invest in a good one.
  • Remote: This is how the magic happens. Make sure to grab a wireless one so you aren’t limited by wires.
  • Card carrying case: Bonus tip – grab a good case like this to make sure all your cards are safe and secure while out adventuring!

No big ole fancy camera? No worries! It’s still important to get in front of your camera – try using the following to achieve the same(ish) results!

There’s so many great tools out there to help you take great photos.  However, the only way to start taking great photos for your brand, your business, your entrepreneurial endeavors – is to just start practicing! Tag me in your photos on Instagram and Facebook, I would love to see what you start creating!

And remember, if you don’t feel a tiny bit awkward and weird in front of the camera, you probably aren’t doing it right!

Branding Photoshoot How to: take your own photos with a good tripod, remote and a great background (field of sunflowers as an added bonus) ||


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