the o’brien family: a second birthday photoshoot

September 26, 2018

I got to spend a few hours with the O’Brien family going to all my favorite neighborhood spots taking photos to commemorate a very special second birthday. I love seeing how kiddos react to photos, they don’t smile when you want them too, but when they do whip out a grin it’s just magic.

Adley was such a little explorer.  She didn’t want to just sit and pose, she wanted to splash in the water, point out the airplanes, run up the dirt road and grab all the grass – my kind of girl!


introduction to hand-lettering workshop at the local

I did something scary.  And as it goes, it was incredibly fun and rewarding and rad. It’s funny how that works. I’ve been handlettering for a long, long time.  I remember taking an after school class in middle school with one of those slanted pens that allows you to mimic the standard thin and thick […]

sturgis coffee: brand photography session

The thing about owning your own business is there’s never an end to your to-do list.  You have bills, you have emails, your website, your customers, your employees, and throw in social media as well as updating your brand as you and your business grow over time? *exhausted just writing that as a business owner […]

richard grewar at the loud american

Oh how I missed this little place on the interwebs that I get to call my own. And I’ve missed sharing some of the amazing people that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. And this was a new one. I’ve never shot live music (other than on my own at shows I’ve attended) and this […]

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