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I spent 5 years getting my masters at an engineering school. I worked in the Wyoming oil fields, then at an underground laboratory in the Black Hills, all the while growing a number of side hustles. I started a podcast, and I spoke with the most inspirational, kick ass women, doing the hard things and purposing their passions. And I started going through this transformation of the heart, a ‘metanoia.’  I {slowly} realized that the job I worked so hard to have only fueled one thing: my ego. And I don’t want to live my life pursuing what fuels my ego, I’m on a journey to fuel my soul. 

fueled by the journey

In August of 2018 I quit my oh-so-fancy engineering job without a plan, I jumped into the unknown with both feet. This path led me to a 120 yr old building in Sturgis, South Dakota where I opened a co-working and event space, called The Local. This was my first taste of entrepreneurship where I didn't have the financial comfort of my engineering job to fall back on. And holy did I learn a lot from The Local. Then in May, I began to work with my friend and mentor, my frentor, helping build up the Renegade Brand Bootcamp, a program for female entrepreneurs to help them level up and connect in a big way. 

So why are we here now? Well, in 2016 I was laid off from my first engineering job (thank goodness for the volatility of oil prices) and I started my first blog, DayDreamin'Engineer. It was such a naive, and playful space. I explored anything and everything that excited me (recipes, DIY, photography and design) and I quickly found a way to monetize it. Suddenly, I blinked and this space was all about work I was commissioned to create, and I missed the times where I just created for the sake of creation, and curiosity and exploration. So, that's why I'm here now. Thank you for joining me. 

my world

My husband, Levi (who is also an entrepreneur with Full Curl Construction) and my pups, Dakota & Charley are my whole world. We live in the most amazing place in the world, the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

A lot has happened since I first started experimenting with online storytelling. After I got laid off in 2016 I got my "dream job" in the Black Hills of South Dakota, as a project engineer in a historic gold mine turned underground laboratory. I married my best friend. We adopted a second pup. Then I had a moment when I realized how dang short life is, and that moment began my journey of redefining, or rather, re-engineering my life. I gave myself permission to go for it. The "it" changed often, from designing wedding invitations to starting a podcast, I tried anything and everything that sparked something inside of me . If it didn't stick, I moved on (wedding photography was a quick no for me, ha!). Over a year, I built up this confidence that I could do more, I could step out of that 9-5 and into the unknown and in August of 2018, I "retired" from corporate engineering. I opened a coworking space in Sturgis, I started working with female entreprenuers, and now understand that I'm still engineering, just in my own way. This space is a way to go back to my blogging roots, to get back to the reason I started this is the first place: to explore, create and tell a good story.

my world

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